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Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical Raw Materials

We are manufacturer & exporter of range of nutraceuticals and pharmaceutical raw material like active pharmaceutical ingredients, nutraceutical extracts, aloe vera cosmetic products, bacteriological media ingredients, nutraceuticals, flavor enhancer, cosmetic products, aloe vera extract, agriculture products, animal feed supplements etc. The products are intended for use by pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers of food and beverages, nutraceuticals and other specialty formulators, biotech & fermentation industries & dehydrated media formulators, agriculture & animal feed formulation industries. Chaitanya group excels in solving challenging formulations. We formulate a wide range of chemicals and pharmaceuticals that can be formulated as per the specifications of our clients. These are widely used in various commercial and industrial applications and comprise:

Bio Organic Agricultural ProductsGet Quotation

We offer ECOCERT certified NOP & NPOP Standard wide range of organic agricultural products in bulk packing . Complying with various national and International organic standards, these can also be formulated as per the specifications of our clients. We are manufacture following bio organic Agri products in bulk.   

  • Probiofer (Hydrolysed Protein Based Organic Nitrogen Fertilizers (Powder & Liquid). 
  • Amino Acid based Mix Mineral-Protein Chelate (Probiofer C). 
  • Iron- Protein Chelate (Fe. -12%) (Probiofer C).
  • Zinc- Protein Chelate (Zn. -12%)(Probiofer C).
  • Manganese - Protein Chelate (Mn. -12%)(Probiofer C).
  • Copper - Protein Chelate (Cu - 12%) (Probiofer C).
  • Magnesium - Protein Chelate (Mg. - 6%) (Probiofer C).
  • Boron – Protein Chelate (B-12%) (Probiofer C). 
  • Calcium - Protein Chelate (Ca - 10%) (Probiofer C).
  • Calcium - Boron Protein Chelate (Ca- 5% & B- 5%) (Probiofer C).
  • Calcium - Boron- Magnesium Chelate (Ca-3% B-3%, Mg 3%)
  • Organic Sulphar (Sulphar-Protein Chelate S-12% Liquid) Probiofer C).
  • Organic Potassium (Potassium-Protein Chelate K- 15% Liquid) Probiofer C).
  • ProBiol Bio stimulator (Readymade Organic Foliar Spray) (Powder) (Probiofer D).
  • Biol Foliar Spray (Organic Readymade Plant Growth Booster for Spray) (Probiofer D). 
  • BIO NPK (10:10:10) Organic formulation for Foliar Application (Probiofer D).
  • Chaitanya Soil Oxygen Supplementation Powder. (Increase Root Growth & Germination) (Probiofer D).
  •  Please send your inquiry for further details 

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Animal Feed SupplementsGet Quotation

Chaitanya Group is a leading manufacturer & supplier of animal nutrition products.  We offer  organic mineral products, Hydrolyzed Proteins providing higher efficiency & safer products for modern animal husbandry. The modern genetic breeds have increased productivity levels, improving growth speed, profits and animal quality. As a result, nutritional requirements have been increasing too. Even with high supplementation levels, it is common that minerals supplied in inorganic forms are not absorbed at the levels and speed required by more productive animals. Minerals play an important role in regular dietary requirements of animal feed and are essential for growth, reproduction and milk production. Essential minerals are destroyed during the digestion process due to interactions with other components of feed. Our  Mineral Amino Acid Chelates are  very useful in Veterinary, Poultry & Aquaculture industies. 
Mineral Enriched Yeast is rich source of various natural amino acids, polypeptide, nucleotides, and B-Complex vitamins. Minerals are nutritional source & play major role in various bio metabolisms like protein synthesis, immunity, growth.We offer various  animal feed concentrate containing rich source of nutrition .These animal feed supplements can be mixed with fodder and have an extra shelf life. 

  • Enhanced bio availability. 
  • Natural source of minerals and Amino Acids. 
  • We offer: 

·         Protein Digest (Soluble Protein Powder & Liquid)

·         Amino Acid Mineral Chelates (Mineral Glycinate Fe, Zn, Mn,Cu,Ca,Mg,Co,B, Se,Mo,Cr & I.

·         Amino Acid Mineral Chelates (Mineral Proteinate)

·         Mineral Enriched Yeast ( Selenium / Chromium / Molybdenum / Zinc /Copper )

·         NutriMin - Readymade Multimineral Amino Acid Chelated Formulations.

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Health Food SupplementsGet Quotation

We will be glad to introduce Chaitanya is a ISO 9001:2008, HALAL, GMP , HACCP and FSSAI certified company and a leading bulk manufacturer of high quality health  nutraceuticals ingredients  in bulk used in various health food , beverages and nutraceutical formulations . 

Recently we have introduced Collagen Peptide , Casein Hydrolysate , High Protein Premix (Mix Protein Supplement) & Pro Milk 80 Powder (Whey Protein Replacer) having application in food & nutraceuticals formulations. This pre-digested protein having excellent absorption properly & palatability and having application health food, nutraceuticals, sports, body building & other instant high protein food supplementation formulations. Pro Milk powder is most cost effective, energy efficient and better assimilation as compared to traditional protein sources like, Whey Protein, Caseinate, Isolates, and Concentrate etc. 

Our health nutraceuticals ingredients incudes:

  • Casein Hydrolysate( For Stress Relief  & Treatment of Insomnia) 
  • Collagen Peptide 
  • Promilk Powder ( Substitute to Whey Protein Concentrate and Isolate )
  • High Protein Premix Powder
  • Protein Hydrolysate (Source -Soya, Casein  ) 
  • Amino Acid Chelates ( Mineral Glycinate &  Bis Glycinate)
  • Mineral Amino Acid Chelate ( Hydrolysed Protein Base Mineral Chelates )
  • Soya Protein  Isolate 
  • Soya Concentrate 
  • Vegetable Fat Powder (Corn & Palm Oil Base)
  • Calcium Caseinate
  • Sodium Caseinate 
  • Potassium Caseinate 
  • Casein Purified, 
  • Selenium Enriched Yeast
  • Chromium Enriched Yeast
  • Molybdenum Enriched Yeast
  • Zinc Enriched Yeast
  • Copper Enriched Yeast
  • Yeast Extract 
  • Malt Extract  


        Please send your valuable inquiries with details. 

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Nutraceuticals and Health Food IngredientsGet Quotation


We are ISO, HACCP , HALAL , GMP , &  FASSAI certified  bulk manufacturer of  a pure range of nutraceuticals  and food ingredients which are used in various nutraceuticals formulations .We manufacture our products with high quality standard and  These are highly nutritious and used in various industrial and commercial applications. We manufacture following nutraceuticals in bulk: 

  • Collagen Peptide ( Bovine Origin ) 
  • Protein Hydrolysate ( Soya And Casein Base Powder & Liquid) 
  • Soya Isolate & Soya Concentrate 
  • Amino Acid Chelate  ( Mineral Glycine Chelate ) 
  • Mineral Protein Chelate  ( Hydrolysed Base Mineral Chelates )
  • Casein Hydrolysate (For Stress Relief)
  • Calcium Caseinate , Sodium Caseinate & Potassium Caseinate 
  •  Vegetable Fat Powder ( Corn & Palm Oil Base)
  • Promilk Powder ( Whey Protein Replacer )
  • Selenium Enriched Yeast  & Other Mineral Yeast 
  • Magnesium Aspartate
  • Ferric Pyrophosphate & Calcium Aspartate 
  • Casein & Mineral Protein Chelates
  • Yeast Extract 
  • Malt Extract Powder 

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Active Pharmaceutical IngredientsGet Quotation

Chaitanya Biologicals Pvt. Ltd. a Halal, GMP & ISO certified Company with state of Art international standard manufacturing facility & ultra-modern QC lab. The Company manufactures high quality Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients ( API ) including Ferrous  and Calcium supplements and Dehydrated Media Ingredients using  three  different manufacturing lines and export of these products  to more than 40 countries across the world.

We Offer:
        ·         Iron (III) Hydroxide Polymaltose Complex
        ·         Iron (III) Hydroxide Polysucrose Complex
        ·         Iron Polysaccharide Complex 
        ·         Iron Protein Succinate 
        ·         Ferrous Ascorbate
        ·         Ferrous Glycine Sulphate 
        ·         Ferrous Aminoate
        ·         Ferrous Bis Glycinate
        ·         Ferrous Fumarate
        ·         Carbonyl Iron
        ·         Calcium Fumarate
        ·         Calcium Ascorbate
        ·         Calcium Bis Glycinate 
        ·         Glucosamine Hydrochloride
        ·         Glucosamine Hydrochloride Sodium  &  Potassium Salt
        ·         Methyl Sulfonyl Methane

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Seasoning & Natural Flavor EnhancerGet Quotation

We are ISO , HACCP , HALAL , GMP , FSSAI  Certified leading bulk manufacturer of natural  flavor enhancers  like Hydrolysed Vegetable  Protein ( HVP )  , Soya Sauce Powder  which is produced by boiling non GMO seed, such as Soy, Groundnut, Wheat Gluten  in acid and then neutralizing the solution with Sodium Hydroxide. The acid hydrolyzes, or breaks down, the vegetable protein into their component amino acids results in characteristic aroma and taste to the products.  

We are manufacture following natural flavor enhancers used in various Food, Snacks, Noodle and Pasta Seasonings.

 ·         Hydrolysate Vegetable Protein (HVP) (Non GMO Soya Base).  
 ·         Hydrolysate Vegetable Protein (HVP) (Ground Nut Base).                                                                  
 ·         Hydrolysate Vegetable Protein (HVP) (Wheat Base)
 ·         Soya Sauce Powder. 
 ·         Yeast Extract Powder.



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Bacteriological Media IngredientsGet Quotation

We are leading manufacturer of dehydrated media ingredients with in bulk. We supply to many domestic and international biotechnology lab & fermentation industries and dehydrated media formulators, we offer a wide range of dehydrated bacteriological media ingredients in bulk. Customized as per the specifications of our clients, these are qualitative in nature. Our products are excellent in quality, clarity & growth performance.


Our range includes

·         Acid Hydrolysate of Casein & Gelatin,

·         Pancreatic Digest of Casein,

·         Yeast Extract Powder,

·         Meat Extract Powder,

·         Peptone Bacto,

·         Soya Peptone,

·         Veg Peptones,

·         Casein Peptone,

·         Meat Peptone,

·         Proteose Peptone,

·         Gelatin Peptone,

·         Tryptone,

·         Tryptose,

·         Malt Extract Powder.


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Poultry Feed SupplementsGet Quotation


Chaitanya is a ISO , HALAL, GMP & HACCP certified leading manufacturer, exporter & supplier of  Animal & Poultry Feed Concentrates and Ingredients like Hydrolysed Protein Based bio available Protein Concentrates, Amino Acid Mineral Chelates (Glycine and Hydrolysed Protein Base ) , Readymade Multi mineral in powder & liquid form. 


  • Protein Digest H Pro (Soluble Protein Concentrate) 80% Protein
  • Protein Digest M Pro (Soluble  Protein Concentrate) 60% Protein
  • Protein Digest – Ferrous  ( Ferrous  Glycinate/Bis Glycinate/ Proteinate)
  • Protein Digest – Zinc (Zinc Glycinate/Bis Glycinate / Proteinate)
  • Protein Digest – Manganese ( Manganese  Glycinate/Bis Glycinate/ Proteinate)
  • Protein Digest – Copper ( Copper Glycinate/Bis Glycinate / Proteinate )
  • Protein Digest – Calcium ( Calcium Glycinate/Bis Glycinate / Proteinate )
  • Protein Digest – Magnesium  (Magnesium Glycinate/Bis Glycinate/ Proteinate)
  • Protein Digest – Boron ( Boron Glycinate/Proteinate)
  • Protein Digest – Cobalt  (Cobalt Glycinate/Proteinate)
  • Protein Digest – Chromium ( Chromium Glycinate / Proteinate)
  • Protein Digest – Molybdenum (Molybdenum Glycinate/ Proteinate)
  • Protein Digest – Selenium  ( Selenium Glycinate / Proteinate )
  • Protein Digest – Iodine ( Iodine Glycinate / Proteinate)
  • NutriMin  -7  ( Multimineral Formulation)
  • NutriMin ZMCC  (Multi Mineral Formulation)
  • NutriMin MZC  (Multi Mineral Formulation in Powder & Liquid)
  • Selenium Enriched Yeast (Organic Selenium)
  • Chromium Enriched Yeast (Organic Chromium)
  • Molybdenum Enriched Yeast (Organic Molybdenum)
  • Zinc Enriched Yeast (Organic Zinc )
  • Copper Enriched Yeast  (Organic Copper)

 We also offer tailor-made formulation as per requirement in bulk.

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New ItemsGet Quotation
amino bases micronutrients, protamin -magnesium ( magnesium amino acid chelate) mg-6% and protamin - cbz liquid (calcium boron zinc amino acid complex)

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